Congratulations!  You have a boat to be proud of.  And this is your Uniflite Home on the internet.  We invite you to "meet" other Uniflite owners on the Uniflite on Facebook or Google Groups, and share information, find that "thingamajig" you've been looking for or trade favorite cruising destinations.  And if you are so inclined, why not buy a Uniflite hat or brand new set of Nickel plated Uniflite emblems?  We would certainly appreciate your business!!  It is the only way we support this site.

If you have any suggestions, news, or any other input... please let us know.  We want to make this site a valuable resource to every Uniflite owner, and anything you can think of that will help is appreciated.

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This is the BEST  place to be.  It costs only $495 to advertise your boat on it's own web page complete with photographs and detailed description (no word or picture limitations either). 

Buying a Uniflite?
We've got em'.  Complete, detailed listings of every available Uniflite in North America.  If you don't find the boat you're looking for, drop a note into the "Uniflite Club" and see if we can't shake one loose for you.


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