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Gordie Harris
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  videoclip.gif (161 bytes)  Video "cruising speed" (Cable/DSL modem)

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"Priorities" - Uniflite 36DC - 1974/93 (pre-blister), repowered in 1993 with twin Volvo Penta 454 (350Hp) engines.

Cruising speed:
15 knots at 3000 rpms.  17x17 four blade nibral props using a 1.5:1 transmission gear ratio. 
Fuel consumption
:  15   Gallons/hour (total - BOTH engines) at 3000 rpms.

Cruising area:   San Juan Islands (WA) and Gulf Islands (BC). 



"Small Priority"- 1964 Uniflite 14' Runabout with 50HP outboard. 
Purchased July 28, 2002.  Original gel coat (stored in garage since new)
Click image for larger photograph.

Towed as tender behind "Priorities"

Cruising Speed:   28 mph


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Uniflite Factory in 1966.  Click for larger photograph.
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